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Default Re: What is Preterism and is it ok for a Catholic to believe in Preterism?

Originally Posted by GeorgeSword View Post
Perhaps. I heard Patrick Madrid say on his Pope Fiction series on EWTN that the Emperor Nero fitted the bill. This seems to have become fairly popular of late, and it does make sense when you think of it. Many of the things Nero did are comparable to the prophecy of the Anti-Christ as well as his name adding up to 666 (long story, but when rendered in Hebrew, which has a number for each letter, it does).
That's really interesting. I didn't know that his name added up that way. I guess the only thing about Nero that might make people wonder if the true Antichrist is still yet to come would be the time gap between then and now. I always thought that the time of the Antichrist would immediately precede the very end, but I could be totally wrong. This is all very interesting.

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