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Default Re: Does the Church place the unborn at a higher value of protection than the born? (EDITED TITLE)

Originally Posted by ryecroft View Post
Ryecroft -

You have shared your story before, and as I recall, your child was not going to cause your death. The cause of your physical trauma was bleeding and something do do with your kidneys. The doctor told you that aborting was the only way they could treat what was wrong with you.
Kage Er

Either I said something wrong or you don't remember correctly - because yes, had I continued with the pregnancy, I would not have lived. And yes, I've shared it before - I would have stayed pregnant if my life had not been in danger and yes it had to do with bleeding - keeping the pregnancy would have caused me to hemmorage more that's why that was the only decision we could make and keep me alive. I've been quite specific about it and gone into great detail -if you want to say that the doctor said it was the only way to treat me, that's partially true but you need to add in the part that this was the only way he could treat me AND keep me alive at the time. So there was only one choice to be made where I lived - I know that some on here believe that this is never ever the case, but I'm here to tell you that it is the case and there was more than one doctor concurring on what was best to be done in the short time we had. As I said, I would have kept the pregnancy if I could have but this was the only choice that could be made - it would be pointless to have the fetus and myself die.

I scanned many of your earlier posts and I can offer sympathy for your many troubles and your confusion, nonetheless whether one doctor or 100 doctors said that (in their opinion) you would die during the pregnancy, they offered their OPINION. You chose to decide life/death in place of allowing God to act in that regard. Your CHOICE was to kill your child and "save" yourself. You acted in the place of God's action. That's the entire story. I hope you are able to return to faithfulness to the teaching of the Church ASAP.
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