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Default "Conclave" of Catholic Answers participants

Just for fun I thought I'd suggest this thread. Pretend that Catholic Answers is a conclave, and nominate your choice FROM AMONG CATHOLIC ANSWERS FORUM PARTICIPANTS!!!!! for 'pope'. Nomnees do NOT need to be Roman Catholic, and your nominations can be light-hearted or serious as you choose. Nominate as often as you wish. Please do state 'why', briefly. Please do NOT nominate yourself, and please recognize this is being done in fun--snipe at someone for their choice(s) elsewhere. So far as I know, there are no actual Cardinals of the Catholic Church who participate on this forum, so unless you happen to know otherwise--stick to members of this forum. Please don't nominate non-persons--Porky Pig or Bus Bunny, for example--nor famous people who aren't members of the forum, such as Britney Spears or George Bush.

Request to Moderators: please close this thread if it gets disrespectful or out of hand, or as soon as a real Pope gets elected, whichever comes first. Thanks!