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Default Re: Catholics have "real teeth" and don't use them.

Originally Posted by nordskoven View Post
Catholicism is a world-wide power that has been utterly neglected. One microcosmic example is Catholics who buy goods to donate at retail price. Insane. A non-profit buying club is a no-brainer. Learned helplessness, hopeless passivity, has been bred into moderns waiting for leadership from shepherds. John Paul II noted this logjam and urged the laity to take up the standard.

New Age researcher and pro-life attorney Constance Cumbey noted the effect of a world-wide food authority once proposed for the U.N. She said even if St. Francis of Assisi was put in charge, what would happen is: that either he would be corrupted by this authority and become Frank Assisi, food dictator; or would be quickly overthrown by forces of evil.

Cumbey also noted the suggestion of one United Nations N.G.O./non-govermental organization that offered to enforce world peace by seizing all arms. Then, Lucis Trust continued, they would only use weapons against world enemies as needed--giving as an example THE VATICAN! One may note the many mystics who have predicted the Vatican would be razed and the Pontiff killed. >Sigh<

The Pope should ask the Woman clothed with the Sun to help. Our Lady of the Rosary said the ONLY means to a period of world peace was the consecration of Russia to the Immaculate Heart by Peter in union with all bishops at one solemn, public time in their respective cathedrals. Hasn't been done to date..."We fight not against men, but against powers and principalities." Use the spiritual weapons of PRAYER, FASTING, ALMSGIVING to win. There is no "political" solution to this present darkness.
We can all help our Queen and Mother by donating to charity. My favorite charity is Mother(Blessed) Teresa of Calcutta. I donate to her order in New York. There are many more Catholic Charity organizations. This is one thing that the Catholics do very well and will help world peace, stability, and order. Feed the hungry and you have fed Christ.