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Default Re: Effect of Married Priests

Originally Posted by Vox Borealis
Still, it strikes me as pretty clear that at least initially the number of seminarians would increase if the Church changed its stance on married priests.
I am not persuaded.

Originally Posted by Vox Borealis
Perhaps some in the third world become priests because it is seen, in part, as a secure and economically viable career option.
Many of the African priests I have met have come from middle class backgrounds. Mind you, I do not have statistics. This is anecdotal evidence only. However, please consider the vast populations of people in North America who are destitute. Why are they not entering the priesthood, if economic incentive is a major factor?

I am extremely concerned about pastoral needs in First Nations communities. So far there has been a thunderous silence in the media and on the boards about this. This is a major North American concern. A few years ago we had a series of suicides among teenagers in a Labrador community. The numbers rose to epidemic proportions. The Canadian Christian community came to their aid, asking what they needed. Do you know what they said? They said, "Pray for us."
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