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Default Re: Pope Choices must not betray John-Paul II's main legacy : Human Dignity + BioEthics

Originally Posted by Ocram
Please STOP DISTORDING our words and aggressing with repeated personal accusations,
while avoiding to debate on the Real Issues...

We already proved, from the start, the Facts,
(See U.N. link, and much more),

precisely as they were cited in our initial Text,
and not as they were grossly distorted , later, by your "selective" ommissions
(See above). .
Now you are being deliberately dishonest, because my omission was only the name of the Cardinals, whom I did not wish to repeat your borderline slander of. To say "Cardinal [name] of [country] voted AGAINST" does not imply that his country's representative voted, but rather that he himself voted in that manner. Otherwise, there is no reason to connect their names to those votes.

=> But why do you refuse to bring any proof of your claims ?

If there is any serious proof of the contrary, please bring it into our debate, because it'd be useful for the christian community
I'm not the one making any claims. You are, and rather unconvincingly at that. I'm awaiting your evidence that the Cardinals had any influence on the votes of UN representatives which would justify tying their names to those votes.
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