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Default Re: One mortal sin sends you to hell forever?

Originally Posted by StrawberryJam View Post
Back to poor Jack again.
Good Idea, Lets get back to good ol' Jack.

He makes a slip up,
Below is the Original example - You will note that Jack did NOT "slip up".

Example: one Sunday, Jack, who goes to Church every Sunday, gets invited to play golf instead. He figures, ah, what the heck, I'll just play and then go to Mass later in the evening. Well, he has a good time with his buddies, and they invite him for dinner after playing all day long. Jack selfishly decides to take them up on the offer (they are great cooks!) and skips the evening Mass too. "Mass just started," he thinks to himself as he gets into the car to get to their house. He feels guilty...he knows that skipping Mass is a mortal sin, but he selfishly presses on--but does not explicitly ask God for forgiveness.

On the way to dinner, he gets hit by a car. Bam! He's gone. Instantly. No time for an act of contrition
Jack "Selfishly" and, with full knowledge that it is a mortal sin, "presses on".
Why does Jack risk his very soul?? For a dinner - a meal. For simple food he turns his back on his obligation to God. An obligation he freely ascented to at baptism and or confirmation.

I give him the benefit of the doubt he was a good catholic all his life, giving his time talent and money and suddenly poor Jack is being questioned in that area as well and not here to defend himself either.
The state of Jacks committment to the Church was not mentioned in the original example. This was added by you later. In the OP example we merely know that Jack is a long time Catholic and Church goer. We do not know if Jack ever gave ANY of his time or money to the Church.

Once a person slips up their entire life is up for scrutiny and a negative light is cast on them. Where there is smoke there is fire? I have seen people walk into Mass late. Do I have the right to make negative assumptions about their dilligence in their faith over that single event? I personally don't feel that would be the way to approach it.
No assumptions were made here. The OP placed a scenerio before us and asked our opinion. That is what he received, our opinion, based upon the factors presented.
We cannot know, from the short paragraph presented all of the intricacies of the state of Jack's soul at the time of death.

So, Jack and I are next to each other in hell for eternity and I get just as horrid a spot as he does. We both get to stay for eternity, and have lost any chance of getting out, we "chose" freely this fate and should have known better.
That is correct, in so far as we are able to understand the circumstances as laid out.

This all makes sense to you??

And, why can't people in the Moral Theology forum disagree with church teaching?
People in the Moral theology forum are certainly free to disagree with Church teaching. However if those people happen to be Catholic, and disagree with Church teaching, they may be placing their souls at risk. Therefore it is not a good idea.

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