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Default Re: Gays shouldn't expect change - tolerance is a virtue of believing in nothing

Originally Posted by fix
You are an extremist and mischaracterizing other people's views.
Now fix, trying to label me an extremist so ridiculous it is laughable. You know nothing about me. If you have the opinion that anything I have posted here is an "extremist" position, then please speak to that. Stick to the topic; your personal attacks on me are uncalled for.

Originally Posted by fix
I support groups like Courage.
Good for you! Curious -- how do you support them?

Originally Posted by fix
You, and others, seem to want to minimze the assault of the "gay" agenda and render all who speak the truth as "haters".
I can only speak for myself, and to that your accusation is complete rubbish. Show me what I've said that in any way compromised the Truth of the Gospel. Show me where I have labelled anyone a "hater". All I am trying to do it point out that we would attract far more with sugar than we will with vinegar. The tone of many responses in this lone discussion have been much more vinegar than sugar, and what do we have to show for it? Only one who is not coming to the Church. Good job. Nice results.

Originally Posted by fix
I support helping all people come to embrace Christ.
Great! Now ask yourself HOW you "support helping all people come to embrace Christ". I'm only commenting on your participation in this discussion, but I would bet that very few random readers of your posts would see Christ's Love carrying the message.

Originally Posted by fix
Each circumstance is different and requires varying methods to help.
Very good! So then just telling all homosexuals, regardless of how true it might be, "You are all sinners, existing in spiritual death!" might not be the best way to convert their hearts to Christ. Hmm....

Originally Posted by fix
Your attempt to pigeonhole me will not work.
When did I try to do that?

Originally Posted by fix
Authentic help and service can be done in many ways and differ according to circumstance.
Now that is one sentence I can agree with completely.

Originally Posted by fix
Your approach is to attack those you perceive as not in step with your limited way of seeing the problem.
Again, rubbish. I attacked no one. I am only trying to get an important point across. Let me try again:

1) No one will care what God thinks about their sexual activity if they don't love God.
2) Condemning people is not the way to show them that God loves them.
3) God is Love, so the best way to show people that God loves them is by loving them ourselves. This is where it all begins.
4) We love people through our words and actions, but research shows that over 80% of how we communicate has nothing to do with the words themselves. Rather, it is the tone of voice and non-verbal cues that people use to "read" the core of our comminucation.
5) Thus we have a duty to make every effort to show God's love not only though the words we speak, but more importantly through our tone and non-verbals.
6) If we fail to communicate God's love, it is not 100% the intended listener's fault! We must accept responsibility for how well we communicate love.
7) Only after a person more fully understands God's love for them will they be convicted, by God's Grace, to amend their sinful ways.
8) Important! "Watering down" the gospel, or insinuating that sinful behavior is not really that bad, is not loving them -- it is lying to them. This type of "bait-and-switch" should never be a part of evangelization.
9) Ultimately always remember that is is the sin God despises, not the person.

That's about it.