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Default Re: Was the Holy Spirit on duty in the Conclave on Tuesday?

Originally Posted by Pontificate
I hate to say it, but the new pontiff is a divider, not a unifier.
The new pontiff has been called for all of what? Twenty-four hours? Whether you worry or rejoice... pray for him. He's what the Holy Spirit sent, and our job in his regard is clear, right? So you worry... you must admit, the Holy Spirit has allowed far worse to sit on Peter's Chair! Dismiss your anxiety and live in hope. When you need to, raise your voice humbly--and then to what he has done, not what you fear. Give the poor man a chance, already.

We Americans, being in a democracy, are raised to believe that our opinions and worries are so important and wise. (I don't exclude myself from this, mind you! ) We have that duty to chime in at the ballot box and with our representatives, but not here, at least not yet! Trust in God and pray for our daily bread: spiritual and corporal. He will provide it.