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Default Re: Catholic Church and freemasonary?

Posted on another forum a month ago:

Originally Posted by kadosh
agneau - You may have missed my question to you on this forum. It was this - I recollect that you mentioned you were now an athiest - how come you have not resigned from your UGLE lodge yet? Can you explain that please?
Because I believe in a 'supreme being' - what I have chosen to term 'god'. That 'god' is in no way comparable to a theist version of a supernatural and distinct being or entity - it is, if you like, somewhat akin to a humanists viewpoint - man and superman - the idealistic goal of ourselves - and I beleive that this fulfills the essential criteria. I could, without reservation, retake my intiation and obligation without perjuring myself.
Now, we have Buddhists, and a desperately confused "Humanist".

The Wiccan Priest Ed?

You are right, of course, I know the answer. We just want to hear it from you.

That just leaves two easy QUESTIONS for you:

1) May a Wiccan who worships "the Horned One" be intiated into your freemasonry, and

2) What is "a" supreme being? Please provide a list.


1) space provided

2) space provided

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