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Default Re: Lib Protestant Reactions

Originally Posted by Lisa N

At any rate the response of the liberals doesn't surprise me as much as the response of some Catholics

Lisa N
YUP! I'd expect it from some of the other religions, but from Catholics?? I got seriously flamed on another message board when I praised Pope Benedict, and stated I hoped he did some house cleaning. I also suggested that those people who call themselves "Catholic" but don't agree/believe in many church teachings/truths (i.e. homosexuality, married/female priests, contraception - and my favorite - the true presence of Jesus in the Eucharist - HOW can you cll yourselves Catholic if you do not believe this????) find another church that is better suited for them. The overwhelming response was that the Church needed to catch up with society, and that "catholic" means universal, so whatever their beliefs, they should all be welcomed. Like Lisa pointed out that Cardinal Ratzinger stated in his interview, the Church can not become a social organization. We already have those.