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Of course Pope John Paul II responded that way...the respect is not for HIM, it is for Christ and for the fact that Jesus gives us each Pope. John Paul II was a human, he also had a great joy for the young, he likely did embrace any friendly title that the young tossed his way because he was on a mission of love. My point is that when "we," talk about our Pope to other people, it should be with the utmost respect because we are witnesses to Jesus. If you met Pope Benedict XVI and he was fine with B16, then it is awesome for you to be able to call him B16--yet somehow I really doubt you would call our Holy Father by the title of B16 if you met him personally. Remember, when we honor Jesus' chosen, we honor Jesus. If we honor Mary, we are really honoring Jesus, if we honor the Pope, we are really honoring Jesus, etc...

Just as a side note, I have kids, if one of my kid's friends approached me and said "Hi Tom, how r you doin today," I would not yell or scream or even say a word other then to say hello back to the kid...but it sure would be disrepectful for that kid to use my first name. The world would not tumble down, earthquakes would not erupt, I would not be hurt, either would the kid and we would both go on our way...yet it would be quite rude for that kid to use my first name.