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Default Re: Constance McMillen case: proms as gay-rights battleground

I fail to see what this tempest in a teapot is about, unless is is about Ms. McMillen’s attempt to make some type of point.

There was no unlawful or immoral discrimination in this case. Case in point. If I were a few years younger and attending the school, and wished to bring a young man as my date (I am male), they would have treated me exactly as they did Ms. McMillen. Indeed, if any young man had tried to do that (or any other young woman brought another young woman), the results would have been the same.

No discrimination.

What this is about thus, is, what is a date? One can plausibly hold varying opinions on what it is or should be (the Church has its opinion of course, informed by natural law and by aversion to the sin of scandal), but in reality that is all this is about. Not discrimination

The fact that some people are playing the discrimination card shows either their ignorance or their disingenuous exploitation of our cultural phobia of appearing bigoted.

Or both.
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