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Default Re: A good list of mortal sins:

This is the list I use for confession. However, I have the one that also has venial sins on it.
Examination of Conscience

I think it's critical that examinations of conscience distinguish between mortal and venial sins for two reasons: it avoids scrupulosity and it catechizes as well. In the above examination, however, there is one thing that is wrong: the part on Presumption. Read below.

Presumption is a sin committed by him who, in striving for eternal happiness, either trusts too much in his own strength or expects God to do something which, in keeping with His attributes, He cannot grant, or which according to His divine plan He does not will to do.

He sins by presumption who hopes to reach heaven by his own efforts alone, or through the merits of Christ exclusive of all good works; likewise, who expects God to help him in committing sin, etc. or who sins because God is merciful.

It is not presumption to sin with the hope of being forgiven, since the real cause of such a sin is human weakness and not the hope of forgiveness. Even in the case in which a person would not readily sin if the hope of forgiveness were not present to his mind, this circumstance would not be the cause, but only the occasion of sin. It is likewise not presumption if one sins repeatedly because it is as easy to confess many sins as to confess only one, or if one postpones repentance in the hope of confessing later. This might readily be a sin against love of oneself.
The above quote comes from a trusted book that even the SSPX priests carry around as a reference for moral questions:
Moral Theology (Jone)
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