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Default Re: Little girls wearing provocative outfits and dancing very sexually to Beyonce's Single Ladies!

Originally Posted by twopekinguys View Post
To be honest, I'm kind of torn on this.

If you think about it, these kids would be wearing something this skimpy at the public pool or at the beach. You very rarely ever seen anyone, let alone a small child in a one piece bathing suit these days. Which is a shame really, because I think they can be quite attractive at times.

If that same choreography were used with a different song, I don't think this would be an issue either. The song itself is a little too suggestive.

Ultimately, where are the parents in the decision making process, and why aren't they doing something about it.

IMO that is not a sturdy foundation to build an argument on since what is worn at public pools and the beach nowadays is too skimpy already. Just because it is mainstream within the culture doesn't make it right. This provocative dancing takes it to the next level, seems an obvious crossing of the line to many. But to me, the crossing of the line goes farther back (re: what is worn at public pools and the beach nowadays is too skimpy already).
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