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Default Re: on transubstantiation

Originally Posted by runningdude View Post
D is only slightly inaccurate . The statement is meant to imply the Host is still contains traces of ordinary bread and the cup, traces of ordinary wine. Christ is "Really present" within the remaining bread and wine. Catholics believe the bread and wine are totally transformed to the Body and Blood of Christ! Its a subtle difference, and I wouldn't blame anyone for missing it

Catholics Christ can't be divided into "pieces". A body without blood is dead. Blood sustains the body, and the body gives blood purpose. Without a body, what good blood Christ's is alive !

The Church does indeed limit reception to the Host in some circumstances such as large crowds, so as to avoid handling large amounts of the consecrated wine (too easy to spill!).

Some parishioners felt they were being denied the full graces of the Eucharist, so the Catholic Church prohibited generally distributing under both species to emphasize our teaching that Christ's Body and Blood are equally present in both species.

It was a matter of catechism and practicality! This practice however has been discontinued, and parishes are encouraged to offer under both species once more.

(Incidentally, during the Catholic Mass, when the priest self communes, he the Church teaches the he symbolically reunites the Body and Blood within his person to emphasize Christ's resurrection, but the Body and Blood are, in Catholic teaching, equally present in both species as soon as they are consecrated.)

I went to a mass celebrated in Spanish this way. It did look quite reverent - though the priest stopped before we got a chance to commune! We were quite baffled, lol.
You misunderstand my point. The wine when changed into the Blood of Christ cannot be His Body. That was my point. It only can be His Blood. To say that His Body is contained in the species of consecrated wine does not make any sense at all. None of the Church Fathers either Latin or Greek mentioned this. You have misrepresented my words without understanding my points. Christ is contained in both species so whatever you receive you are receiving Christ. Sometimes my Orthodox priest will only give the consecrated wine to a baby because it is easier for the baby to swallow it. The baby is still receiving Christ. But if you check the consecration prayers it says " This is My Body ", " This is My Blood ". All I wanted to point out is that the Catholic Church which believes in the real presence of Christ in the consecrated species was doing a quick exit when only giving out the Host. Why go through all that trouble when you are giving out the Host? Will it not be better to offer both. That's all. I do like the Catholic Mass and have often participate in it. But I too feel something missing when they only give out the Host. Now I am not saying I am missing Christ. Sure I have received Him in the Host but I believe God ordained us to receive both species so that we can participate more in this Communion.
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