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Default Re: Married Couple using condoms to prevent spread of STD?

Originally Posted by Gift from God View Post
In a hypothetical situation, a man gets an STD and then repents for having sex a few years later. He then marries a woman and wants to use a condom to prevent her from receiving the disease. In light of what the Pope has said (and the many misquotes) would this be okay?

If the man in question truly loved the person he married, he wouldn't even consider having sex with her out of concern for her safety (and his). In fact, if he really cared about her he might not have even married her to begin with, knowing that he had an STD. By using a condom the man has effectively eliminated the unitive aspect of sex and has created a barrier that God did not intend to be there, and he also tries to circumvent God's will by avoiding pregnancy.

The only proper solution to said man's problems would be to lead a chaste life and be a man of God. Simply using condoms to justify disordered desires is immoral and is anathema.
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