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Default Re: Analyst: 'It's possible Terri was aware of everything being done to her'

Originally Posted by Lisa4Catholics
I know the family ,nurses and even her friends said she reacted,laughed and everything.Greer dismissed all of them Why ?Because he is acting as a henchmen for the death movement.He had a fit when Michael caught a nurse feeding her by mouth saying,"I want no one feeding that girl".The last battle that Terri fought to live he court ordered her parents not to feed or hydrate her naturally.For somebody who allegedly can't swallow why is that court order necessary????
One of the saddest things I read about the case (and believe me I grieve over all of it) is the one nurse testifying that she would secretly feed Terri jello because she loved that so much. The nurse had to stop because she was deathly afraid of Michael discovering it.
I can just imagine what a treat and treasure that must have been for Terri and that for some reason just breaks my heart so much.