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Default Re: legislating morality

Originally Posted by z0wb13 View Post
i understand that there are probably as many opinions on abortion as there are people on this forum. that said, why should any one religion's opinion on the subject be forced onto people that aren't of that faith?

so abortion is a sin in the catholic church, but why should hindus or muslims have to accept that? some do or don't anyway, but there doesn't seem to be any general consensus in those religions. most muslims allow it until the fourth month, and many, but not all, hindus ban it outright.

so my question isn't on whether or not abortion is a sin. rather, i want to know is if it is ever alright to force one person's beliefs on another person, and why or under what circumstances.
Are not those who legalized abortion legislating their morality (or immorality) on those of us who believe it is murder?
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