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Default Re: So why did you convert??

Hi Everyone,

I hope you have had a good Palm Sunday. It is one of my favorite masses. I am greatly looking forward to Holy Week. This is an amazing thread! It has been a blessing to read of others conversions.

I myself attended the Episcopal Church growing up but I went to Catholic schools all of my life. For whatever reason, I never confirmed Catholic or Episcopalian. After I left college, thoughts of joining the Catholic church were always rumbling and rolling around in my head. This has now been over 10 years. During my spiritual wanderings. I did attend other Protestant denominations but none ever seemd that everything was there and things seemed lacking. I took a good hard look at the Baptist and Episcopal faiths, but so much was missing and that I could not fully embrace that as the full truth. (My husband is Southern Baptist). I was married in a Baptist church. It was a lovely service but I felt something more should have been there. Fast forward 5 years later, almost everyday I drive by a Catholic church and over these years thoughts would come to me of, "stop by", "you should be going there", "You are welcome here", etc. For whatever reason, one Sunday morning I got up, got myself and my son dressed, and off we were to the Catholic church down the street from me. It was a beautiful experience and I truly felt that I had "Wandered Home" Hence, my handle.

I decided that on Ash Wednesday, that I would embrace the Catholic faith and live as much as I could as a Catholic. It has been an amazing journey full of grace but not without it's trials as well. I did have a very traumatic time of realizing the depths of my sins I had commited when I wandered away from the church. The absolute despair of thinking what life would like be like without God here on earth and my torment in hell if I did not seek the sacrament of confession. I realized there was no reason for living OR dying without God. It was a highly humbling experience. I feel that the Holy Spirit truly led me to that Church and I have since turned my heart and mind to the Catholic faith that the Holy Spirit is residing within me like never before, or maybe it always has and I am just knowledgeable of it now. The world truly looks entirely different and my life is fuller and has more direction and meaning.

I will be going through RCIA next year. I can not believe this time next year, I will be preparing to take Eucharist for the first time and fully becoming Catholic. So much time was wasted wandering but I think I was meant to wander in some way. Now I am ready to go where God leads me and I am grateful for it.

Take care everyone!
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