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Default Re: So why did you convert??

After we were married, I felt a strong pull towards learning about Catholicism. I was still trying to filter out all the junk and propaganda I had been fed even for the short time I had learned it. I can only imagine the difficulty one must face in joining the Church after a lifetime of fundamentalist inoculation. After many months of dryness and ignoring these feelings, I decided I would once and for all figure out this question. I decided to read the entire Catechism, and I did exactly that. I read it over a period of about 3 months, cover to cover. I came to points in the book I could not agree with, and I would get upset and anxious, like I normally do when something disturbs my peace of mind. I would wait until I was calm then explore it, and internalize it. After doing this throughout the book, and praying for the truth, I could no longer deny truth. I knew in my heart that I could never go back to being protestant, but I still was too cowardly to admit I wanted to be Catholic. What finally did me in was that I read some stories about couples with different faiths. One Catholic, one protestant. It seemed that even in the most fortunate, there was still a piece missing from their relationship, and it is the biggest piece of our entire lives, which is our faith. I already knew what it was like to not share a common faith, I had experienced it for 6 years with Rachel, and even though our relationship was so blessed and amazing, I knew I could not live that way. I resolved then and there I would let go of my pride and join the Church.

After making the decision to become Catholic some months ago, I have been attending RCIA classes and reading anything Church related I can get my hands on. My faith and walk with Christ has only grown stronger, and not weaker. I know that once I can get the sacraments it will only get better. Praise God for leading me to truth, especially when I fought so hard against it.