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Default Re: So why did you convert??

I needed something more in life. There was a void. I knew it was spritual so I thought a long time about it. My grandparents were Orthodox and I would go to church with them. I loved the church, the incense, the pictures, the altar. I was sent to a Presbyterian church with my friends by my Mom. It was a cold church and no one tells you if you aren't predestined to go to heaven you won't get there.

No more church for years and years.

But there was still something missing. I knew it. I called our local RCC to find out when RCIA classes started. Then I went. It was like I was drawn to the church. After the intial period we went to part of the mass every week for the readings and discussions. There was never pressure to join. But I knew I would from the first time I stepped into the church. There was no question in my mind. Each class passed and I felt like I was home. It was a comforting feeling. With my husband going through cancer and he still is.. it held me together. The more I learned the more I wanted to be Catholic.

First confession was daunting and I had a lot of sins to confess and some big ones. But afterwards, well it was like I was lighter and free and happy again.

My priest said, I listened to what the Holy Spirit had tried to tell me for years. To come home to the Catholic Church but this time I heard him.