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Default Re: So why did you convert??

Mine was a lifelong search for truth. I was rarely taken to church as a child but I longed to go worship God. My family were believers in name only though. When I was around 9 I saw the pope on TV. All of a sudden I had an epiphany that he was our (protestants) pope too! It was so powerful I went outside and just gazed up at the sky. At 13 I asked to be baptized in the family United Methodist church and kept seeking. I studied many religions and denominations and later in life my friend and I attended various churches, except Catholic of course because we "knew they were wrong." However, I always thought that the Catholic Church was the most beautiful establishment on the planet and I even had a strong affinity for Mary (but I knew better to ever pray to her). I even read every book I could find on her visitations.

I knew that the truth had to exist in a church so I kept seeking. Then I starting attending a cell church. It was a fundamentalist church that believed in the gifts of the Spirit. One night after a service one of the members said he had a "word" for me. He told me to stand up, then he laid his hand on my head and told me that I was going to take a spiritual journey in a few months that would change my life forever. I felt absolutely nothing about this revelation, and was really just hoping to get out of there and get a smoke. But then, for no reason at all I started weeping and my whole body started shaking. The folks there had to lead me back to my chair because my legs were so weak I couldn't walk. They said your face is glowing! What is going on?? I said I have no clue.

A guy I met on the internet had attempted to convert me to Catholicism months earlier. He failed miserably but he did send me Hahn's Rome Sweet Home which I decided to now read. Then I kept reading more and more about the Church. During this time I would ask the Lord to answer questions I had and, so help me it never failed, the answers would always come by day's end. Sometimes the answer would come via Scripture, or a book I was currently reading. Or sometimes it was even on TV. And sometimes it would just come to me. It was spiritually invigorating to say the least. I felt so blessed.

Three months later after leaving the cell church I was in RCIA. That word I was given had come to pass. A year and two months later I was confirmed. I literally knew the meaning of 'Rome Sweet Home' then because I kept feeling like I was HOME. It was so wonderful. That night, while I was lying in bed, I heard a Voice and It said "Welcome Home". I know with every fiber of my being that It was the Holy Spirit.

I know this sounds like fiction or pretentious fluff, but it isn't. (I'm the most practical no nonsense person you would ever meet). I actually experienced this just as it is written.

And I can tell you, to be a Catholic is the greatest blessing in the world. God bless.