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Default Re: House Votes To Undercut Supreme Court 5-4 Ruling On Property

Between Pelosi's outrageous comments that the Supreme Court is God and Biden's comments below:

"[The Supreme Court] is a totally different ball game. ... A circuit court judge is bound by stare decisis. They don't get to make new law. They have to abide by [legal precedent]."


We see that the Democrats are largely not only completely lacking in understanding of how the government should operate but how they explicitly want to use the courts to control the people of the United States as they wish.

The Supreme Court IS NOT as if God spoke. The Supreme Court CAN NOT make law.

All this time, we have been told that they are not making law, they are just "intepreting the Constitution". Biden clearly shows he knows that the SC is making law and he wants it that way.

Pelosi just shows that she is borderline crazy.