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Default Re: False Prophecies and Christian end-of-the-world cults

Originally Posted by Big Dummy View Post
1284: Pope Innocent III predicted Christ's second coming would occur in this year. He based his prediction on the date of the inception of the Muslim faith, then added 666 years to that.

This is the first I ever heard this claim made, I want to see the proof because I don't believe this is true.
Please forgive me. I posted something I received from ROSE Publishing today. I have searched for a source for the above quote. I could not find a direct source. I did find the following on Jimmy Akins blog.:

A preliminary search turns up *no* reliable evidence that Pope Innocent made such a claim. There are numerous references to this on the Internet, however, (1) I can't find one that gives a quotation from him, (2) I can't find one that gives a primary source, (3) I find only one that cites a secondary source--and then incompletely so that there is no way to track it down, (4) 1284 is not 666 years after the founding of Islam (Muhammad's first revelation was claimed to occur in 610 and the Muslim calendar--Anno Hijrah--began in A.D. 622), and (5) there is no mention of any such prediction in his biography in the Catholic Encyclopedia, which there ought to be had he made one.

Hope this helps!


Okay, I got a chance to do a little more digging. I found the original quote in a book called "The Fortress of Faith: The Attitude towards Muslims in Fifteenth Century Spain," by Ana Echevarría (you can read it on Google Books). The author says that Innocent III wrote it in his bull, "De negotio Terrae Sanctae." Here is the original Latin:

Et quidem omnes pene Saracenorum provincias usque post tempora beati Regorti Christianis populi possesderunt; sed ex tunc quidam perditionis filius Machometus pseudopropheta surrexit, qui per saeculares illecebras et voluptates carnales multos a veritate seduxit; cuius perfidia etsi usque ad haec tempora invaluerit; confidimus tamen in Domino, qui jam fecit nobiscum signum in bonum, quod finis huius Bestiae appropinquat, cuius numerus secundum Apocalypsin Joannis intra sexcenta sexaginta sex clauditur, ex quibus jam pene sexcenti sum anni completi

And here is the full translation from a footnote:

"And certainly Christian peoples owned almost all the Saracen provinces continuously until after the times of the holy Regortius. But since then was born a certain son of destruction, the pseudo-prophet Muhammed, who seduced many away from Truth by secular enticements and lustful pleasure. His perfidy has grown continuously until our times. Nevertheless, we trust God, who has already given us some good sign that the end of this beast is approaching, and its number, according to the Apocalypse of John is limited to six hundred and sixty-six, of which almost six hundred years have been completed.”

So it looks like the pope was saying that Islam would only last for 666 years, not that the world would end that many years after the rise of Islam. So this is clearly not an end-times prediction at all. Maybe all the websites quoting this text should be informed of that fact?
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