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Originally Posted by Cat View Post
Simply put, in the U.S., it is the conservatives who are pro-life, and the liberals who are pro-choice (pro-abortion).

Since a pro-abortion stance is utterly inconsistent with Catholic teachings, many Catholics gravitate towards the conservative side of politics.
The concept of involving the smallest, most local authority is called "subsidiarism," and it is advocated in the Catechism of the Catholic Church.
Can I have a reference for this? Thanks.

There is a false idea in the U.S. that conservatives are for the rich, while the liberals are for the poor. This is utterly false. Many of the policies that liberals advocate keep the poor poor, while many of the conservative policies actually help the poor to advance to a better state in life. Also, the conservative policies generally end up allowing us to keep more of our earnings, which means that we have more money to give to charitable institutions, including our Church.

This is an extremely simplified explanation of politics and Catholics, and I hope that it is helpful to you. I can't speak about politics in other countries, but in the U.S., it is very difficult to go through life without taking a stand on politics. We are a democracy (actually, a republic), and that means "government by the people." If the people don't become involved, then the government doesn't work, or a group of people who do not represent most Americans take charge. I don't believe that Christians can just sit back and let others do the politics thing. If we sit back, others step forward, and those people are not generally going to institute policies that are friendly to Catholics.
Cat, sounds like you're saying Catholics should be political conservatives.
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