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Default Re: Fr John Corapi has Announced in a Video Message that he is Leaving the Priesthood

This whole affair has become a circus. Enough with the division of Corapi supporters vs. Church supporters. These arguments become emotional and inevitably lose focus. This leads to speculation and prognosticating and uncharitable remarks. Instead, I think it's important that we just look at what we do know, based on public facts:

1. Father Corapi was suspended from his public ministry pending outcome of the investigation.

2. Father Corapi had already secured non-disclosure agreements with his employees, prior to this situation emerging.

3. The investigation requires taking depositions of potential witnesses either supporting or contradicting the accuser.

4. After the investigation began, Father Corapi filed a lawsuit against the accuser for breach of contract, most likely sending a very strong warning shot to other employees who had also signed NDA's.

5. The inability to secure interviews with others witnesses severely (fatally?) impaired the diocesan investigation, which now became a case of he said/she said.

6. Four months into the investigation, Father Corapi announces he is permanently removing himself from public ministry (as opposed to being "indefinitely" suspended during the investigation), thereby nullifying the investigation by SOLT.

7. Father Corapi directs followers to his new website, and declares that he is formerly known as "Father" Corapi, now the black sheepdog.

8. Father Corapi reveals that it was on the advice of his canon lawyers and his advisors (Fr. Flanagan and the retired bishop of Corpus Christie) to file the breach of contract lawsuit (most likely in anticipation of leaving the priesthood and bringing the SOLT investigation to a halt.)

9. Father Corapi complains that the deck is stacked against him, the process is too slow, he was being stonewalled by SOLT's lawyers, and he had no choice but to premptively de-rail it,

10. Father Corapi castigates the bishops.

11. Father Corapi says follow the bishops.

12. Father Corapi says he wishes only well for his accuser.

13. Father Corapi lashes out at his accuser as a whack-job "alcoholic".

14. Father Corapi states that the Sacramental aspect of his priesthood was miniscule, and so, his work will not be impacted by the situation in the long run.

15. Father Corapi challenges rumor-mongers to a $100,000 urine test wager, and boasts he can back it up with a check immediately, if he fails.

16. Father Corapi promises to release audio phone messages proving his accuser is unstable.

17. Father Corapi states that he is not leaving the priesthood, even though he has already conceded he does not need to perform any Sacraments (which are essential to the priesthood. In fact, the only thing he cannot leave is being a "priest".)

18. Father Corapi says he won't release the audio messages.

19. Skeptical followers of the situation are labeled as judgmental and cruel; it is presumed by outspoken supporters that there is no truth to the charges

20. Father Corapi (presumably?) has the power to release his other employees from their NDA's for the sake of giving testimony to the diocese, by amending the contracts. (His lawyers might think otherwise).

21. Father Corapi has not released anyone from their NDA for this purpose, even though his innocence and his accuser's "illness" can be corroborated under such circumstances, if true.

22. Scandalous information about his accusers begins to leak on the Internet. Speculation begins (with relative certainty) on exactly who the accuser is and their personal failings.

23. Father Corapi has still not appeared, except in audio.

24. The retired bishop of Corpus Christie advocates that his supporters turn on his successor bishop and write the papal nuncio; he applauds Father Corapi's legal activities and opines that the canonical process is deeply flawed in most dioceses.

25. Four gentlemen supporters of Father Corapi launch an impassioned plea on YouTube that he will do the right thing and, in humble obedience, return to his community.

26. Father Corapi insists he is always a priest, still Catholic, and only looking to continue sharing his gifts in whatever forum is feasible. He promises to release un-answered letters to the investigating lawyers, as well as further clarification of what his new appellation means.

These are substantially the facts to date. Let us pray fo Father Corapi, the bishops, and his accuser, that it is always the narrow path which is taken.

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