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Default Dominican Third Order?

Can I ask, what is the purpose of the Dominican Third Order? I'm told they are supposed to hold the same sort of charism as the Dominican's, but what does that mean? Preaching, evangelisation? I've never seen any talks by them, no papers, no books, no reflections of any sort (God or anything about their vocations), nada. Are there any? If so, where? Do they help out the Dominicans in any way? Do the Dominican's help them? If so, how?

I am assuming that they don't go about preaching like the friars, but one might think they had some role somewhere with regard to sharing the faith. I'm assuming their first duty would be to develop a relationship with God, and come to a better understanding. Study and prayer would probably be important too,... but what else?

Or are they sort of a fan club?
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