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Default Re: Dominican Third Order?

Originally Posted by Batfink View Post

Yes, because we are Dominicans. We have the same charism as the entire Domincan family. It's not like the friars are fully fledged Dominicans and we're Dominican-lite or something, we're all Dominicans together following the same charism.
I have doing quite a bit of reading and studying on the Order lately along with reading several articles on the Dominican Laity. A question pops up from the readings that I would like to get your comments on.

First, I read multiple articles talking about the changing of the purpose and focus of the Dominican Laity to one that embraces more of the apostolic mission of the Order from what was described my multiple authors as a group of lay persons who were living the contemplative parts of the order but not the preaching or study parts of the order other than by witness to living a holy life. I have read multiple articles talking about how this situation needed to change in order to make the Lay Dominicans all that they were supposed to be and to enhance their ability to assist with the mission of the order in preaching the gospel in the world.

Most of these articles are multiple decades old. For example, the first one was written by a Dominican priest and was penned in the 1960's. The next was 1970, then 1978, then 1985. There is the appearance from the articles and letters that things were moving in that direction but I can find nothing of this process following that time which illustrates how LAy Dominicans are assisting the Friars in the preaching of the gospel in a more active way as was called for repeatedly in the documents I mentioned earlier.

So, how about it? Have things changed, gotten better and so on? If so, how? Can you provide some examples of how things have changed and ways that the laity is involved in the apostolic mission of the order that they were not 10 years ago? 20? 30?

Thanks in advance. I look forward to your response!

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