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Default Re: Demon in Dreams and Many RCIA attempts...

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My family and I have had similar experiences. We have holy water at home and My husband blesses our home with holy water especially when we feel attacked. My 19 year old daughter left home at 17, when she came back home and went through RCIA. we all were spirtually attacked. Everytime you try to get closer to GOD, satan tries to tear you away. But we have just learned to recognize it and deal with it. We pray the rosary's, it is powerful even just saying a HAIL MARY is powerful. We are not afraid of these attacks anymore. We use the tools the Catholic Church has given us (confession, eucharist, prayers) and we just fight them off.

Hope this helps
After the prayers, we've been avoiding the dreams, I think. The kids still want to sleep in one room and are very irritable. But, I think we're definitely getting ahead of whatever is bothering us.
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