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Default Re: Are The Jesuits a Viable Option for a Faithful Catholic???

Originally Posted by jwinch2 View Post

I saw this article in a link from RealCatholicTV. Unfortunately, this article contains such a mis-representation of Catholic doctrine that even I can spot it without effort. Assuming the article quoted people accurately, it is highly concerning.

Frankly, it is things like this which lead to people asking the types of questions that spawned this thread to begin with. From the article discussed above, it would seem that the SJ has gone a long way towards righting the ship, but when you see stuff like this, it becomes unfortunately obvious that there is a bit further to go.
The only thing in that article contrary to Catholic teaching is that the Church says nothing about homosexuality.

The article was correct when it says the Church doesn't condemn homosexuality - it condemns acting on that homosexuality. So my guess is the student is misinformed by thinking that the Church teaches nothing about homosexuality.

*I converted to Catholicism on the Easter Vigil on 3/30/13. Some posts may contain information that I believe is incorrect or was poorly understood from a Catholic viewpoint.