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Default Re: Catholics who do NOT practice veneration of Mary or the Saints...

Originally Posted by TrueLight View Post
God bless you James for saying this.

During my instruction, based on some posts I saw on CAF, I panicked at some point and I asked the Priest if I don't believe this or that, should I not enter the Church? He made it clear what required assent and what did not.

He happens to believe that in time I will change my mind, but he removed the stumbling block that could have kept me out of the Church.
Thank you for that affirmation.

For me - and I think for others, the simple faith is the best. Find what works and stick to it. Learn other things only as you are comfortable and moved by the Spirit. Seek to remain at peace in the Spirit.
These are the things that I live by.

... if I have all faith so as to move mountians but have not love, I am nothing.(1Cor 13:2)

The Best book on Spirituality that I ever Read: "The Fulfillment of All Desire"

Oh my God , I will continue
to perform, all my actions
for the love of Thee