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Default Re: Any good books about not having TV?

- If there is a Patron Saint for television, then television is most certainly not considered evil by our Church in and of itself. As stated, there are absolutely no official Church documents condemning television or film as "intrinsic evils." If television WASNíT some kind of overall good, I have a hard time seeing how there could EVER be a Patron Saint for it. Things that actually ARE evil donít receive Patron Saints. There are no Patron Saints of Porn, for example. This would be utterly ridiculous.
I think are misunderstanding what being a patron saint means. For example-

St. Maria Garetti is the patroness of rape victims. The Church is not advocating that anyone become a rape victim. The Saint is there to intercede for santification.

TV as a technology and watching TV as an activity are two different things. Technologies are not good or bad. Fission which is used in nuclear weapons can also be used for peaceful power generation. The medical technology of "the pill" can be used for legitimate medical purposes. Even a condom- a latex device- can be used for a legitimate purpose, such as when soldiers on D-Day put them over the barrels of their rifles to keep sand and water out.

So the technology is not of itself good or evil. The question is how is it used.

One other thing, the argument that watching TV must be ok because there are Catholic film critics, fails on a logical level. Catholics do all kinds of things- murder, theft, lie, cheat, etc. If there is a commandment, Catholic violate it. Saying a Catholic does "x" so "x" must be in accordance with the Catholic faith isn't true, unfortunately. That doesn't speak to the appropriateness or lack thereof of television programing, but that particular argument you used is not a good one.

Pax and God bless.
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