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Default Re: Frustration with today's radio show on Atheism

Originally Posted by freethinker83 View Post
Because we know a jet had a creator. We can witness people making them etc. A jet is a man-made object while the universe is not.

Your argument will eventually run into the problem of "who created the creator". You may say something about the creator being eternal etc, but that isn't really an answer. I don't claim to know how the universe came to be, but I refuse to make assumptions because I have no other answers. I would rather say "I don't know" than make a claim without solid evidence.
And my 3 year old grandson knows the UPS man gave him his birthday present, he witnessed it. Reason dictates that all objects of the universe, and the universe itself, man-made or not, exist because they were created.

No, because of externality of God for one thing, regardless of your dismissing it, and Aquinas' arguments about a first cause etc, which people with properly working reasoning-faculties can understand.

And you don't say "I don't' know" - you say without any solid evidence "I don't know but I DO KNOW it wasn't by a God, especially a personal God."

Of course faith is a factor, but reasoning is too, it is both faith and reason. Those who are reasoning-challenged - that could explain why they also usually seem to be 'faith-challenged'.

God bless you.
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