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Default Re: Frustration with today's radio show on Atheism

Originally Posted by freethinker83 View Post
I do not have a beef about "the hell thing". It somehow ended up in the coversation but is not at the top of my list of why I reject God claims.

I think I need to stop discussing this as it has gone far off topic of the caller on the radio show. I originally jumped into the conversation because one poster suggested that atheists cannot be moral human beings. I wanted to try and defuse that and I didn't intend to get into this discussion.

I wish there was a place here where we could really get into this discussion, but threads about atheism are banned on every section of these forums (as far as I know).

Also, please understand that my quick posts here are not always well-thought out and aren't always as articulate as I would like them to be.
I just wanted to say that the argument that atheists can't be moral is as silly as the argument that Christian's can't be moral because religion is evil.

However, an atheistic version of morality will be far removed from a Christian view of morality simply because we believe certain actions are inherently wrong - no matter the consequence, whereas the atheistic viewpoint seems to say that something is only wrong if someone is hurt because of it (I would ask - does emotional, mental hurt fall into this view of morality? If so, how come atheists can attack Christians and cause them mental harm?).
"Faith as small as a mustard seed can move a mountain but doubt equally as small will stop it from moving."
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