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Default Re: Life Without Living

what is going on? Just as soon as I have made a decision based on any instincts from God (though) so seems. I thought I had my daughter in a school. The reason I decided on this school is she gets bused the distance. It is a 'Christian School' well well well...
every day i feel more like Job- I said to God before no , I do not want what Job went through.

I went by when I contacted different schools- I listened ...If I heard any note of craziness..
like one said to me principle of another school..well we will have to get her records from other school and review this could take some time, I exclaimed wht?????? One public school.

I called the christian school non funded by the government. for the third I said ok you are going there based on the fact -that it appeared to have common sense...the key word here is 'appeared' well told my daughter you are going there. then a counsellor type person from that school called me...seemed nice enough lst 30 seconds...then came the holier than though. My God...He continued to harass me over and over about the cost of running the school and how ...I should contribute. I said I don't have the money this was ok'd when i spoke to the secretary of the school...He used God manipulate or attempt to manipulate me over and over...making statements such as....we have other peop;e here that are will to sacrifice so much just to come to this school. Even people like 'me' who cannot afford it. He said my priority should be this...I finally responded my lst priority is to feed my children. He wouldn't acknowledge anything I said. Said things like we are a family here and we work together as a family....then he would say if you don't pay then someone else has to pay for you.

Well I was mad at God....why let me know so late Jesus...why? Now I am back where I started...I was not going to church there just an education for my daughter....
and she would be bussed that long distance.

It all started in the catholic school...where the abusive principle still resides with a smurk on her face..Oh by the way did I ever tell you last year in school in my sons class..actually religion class ..when she was speaking to them about the sacraments......She then thought she would tell them a little story-About a funeral she had been to. The man she told them was a 'Free Mason' and boasted of how wonderful the free masons were!!!
and how great it was when they perfomed their ritual at the funeral..

Well folks...People of Prayer...Will you be afraid to respond on this...Yes I told the priest here about it...he said they are an enemie of the catholic church...then abruptly said he had to go.

Did you know The freemasons are quite a number where I know what else...some time ago a man that didn't even know me...told me you know why the police don't help you there where you live when the people there torment you endlessly? Because the majority of police are free masons business owners so on and so forth.

He said I was a target. What do you think of that...please come back with the holy spirit..but do not come back with only words of prayer............I need answers and I think some of you have them.

Like I said you only know barely half the story...and that is probably what is happening why my daughter cannot get into another school...and why in the bloody a principle allowed to boast about the free masons in a catholic school..

Though my mother did not seem to have love for me....she did some years back tell me the story of when she was only a little girl...and how they avoided the temples of the free masons...and when they had their parade they chanted down with the catholics'
she said the priest would go around to all catholic homes saying stay in your homes today..alot were shot my mother told me...I said what happened to the ones that shot them.she said nothing.

So tell me as I am here in dire need of help and prayers....who is the real enemies???
and why am I in the middle of it...Yes for many years I have been attacked by cat of some years ago...crawled home after 10 days missing..with a torture nuse on its neck...almsot decapitated. everytime I tried to loosen it it went a cord.

This principle is in the catholic school here...and still remains.
My daughter is without here schooling.

How hard can yous pray!!!

How hard would yous stand beside me and fight injustice???

I have alone......but now I have grown weak and tired...Do you think God would angered that not one catholic comes to my aid!!!! and I mean physically!

Maybe it is not my test...but maybe the test of all those who claim such christianity in Christ?

Who in the catholic church came to pray over my son when he attempted suicide???
I called a priest...he didn't bother.

I prayed over in while i looked behind while the nurses laughed and mocked me...i continued...because I knew my faith...and belief would be Gods' hands bringing my son back. He lived.....But now is gone again...

Love is an as prayer should be.
Gods promise to the righteous was punishment of their enemies.
Key word 'righteous'

dee you said to move now...I agree with help to do money to do it...
Dear Jesus- For what have I done that you would have me suffer at the hands of my enemies. Have I not been faithful.....I loved you so dearly....nothing could ever take that love away. But your people have become lost and afraid....and left me abandoned...
Have you to Lord abandoned me?
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