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Smile Re: World Youth Conference, Cologne

The AP wire reports are appearing in my small-town, local south Georgia newspaper on a daily basis. However, I've yet to see it on the TV news channels except, of course EWTN. To their credit, EWTN is covering World Youth Day virtually around the clock---much more so than the Ottawa WYD. The EWTN coverage is excellent and captures the excitement among the huge throngs(!!!) of European and American Youth.

And just think---850,000 young peole, or more! It's one of the largest gatherings of young people on the planet, ever. Woodstock 1969 only had an estimated 500,000 young people for a three day concert.

And, the 850,000 people is 20 times more than you'll ever see at a Benny Hinn gathering, Kenneth Copeland revival, Oral Roberts gathering, Jesse Duplantis gathering, et. al., et. al., et. al., et. al., etc., etc.