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Default Re: When parents are not supportive of priestly/ religious vocations

Originally Posted by SwampThingDude View Post
I would disown my son or daughter. I would make it known to them they do not have my blessing and could consider themselves dead to me.
I hope you are not serious. You do know this would be unChristian? To reject your child because he/she answered God's call? You do know that love of God, love of others is the basic Christian requirement. Rejecting your child for wanting to live what he/she sees as God's will for their lives, or for any reason, is not loving them. 'Love endures all things'.
A vocation is a call from God. It is God that you would be taking a stand against.

I know what it's like when one's children choose paths that distress, that go against even basic principles, but one loves them anyway. One doesn't abandon or reject them. You feel strongly. And yes, lifelong celibacy is an overwhelming proposition, but if someone makes that choice, a parent doesn't reject the son or daughter. One loves them regardless. My son was in the seminary two years. He was finally advised that he didn't have a religious vocation. I welcomed him back home, one part disappointed, the other part relieved that this vibrant young man didn't have to live a life that might be lonely. In neither case does one exert pressure. One just loves ones children as their lives unfold. They are gifts, not possessions.

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