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Default Re: Sub Forum for Prayer Requests

Originally Posted by Bix View Post
Thank you Anathama Sit for explaining it so easily and letting me know I had the general idea.
Thank you Fin, for understanding what I was trying to say...

And thank you JRKH and Musicality for your replies as well. I understand prayer intentions is a sub forum, but thought it would be nice and easier to navigate if divided into the two sections I described earlier.

Thanks and God Bless ~ Bix
Greetings Bix,

I will say it is challenging to make sure that prayer requests do not fall through the cracks because there are several of us who pray several intentions a day and we all post at different times which means that prayer requests are going to get buried.

I kind of wish we could sub divide the prayer forum somehow. It is hard to keep up with the new prayers that come in every now and then. I have to manually go through each page of the present forum to make sure none have fallen through the cracks.

God Bless.
Anathama Sit
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