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Default Re: Why do men like the "Three Stooges'?

Originally Posted by ByzCathCantor View Post
Bless you for posting this! From some of the other threads I've involved myself in needlessly and futilty today, it seems like many of us here on CAF could use a bit more humor!

Well, this was certainly true in my family growing up, and hasn't changed much now that I have a family of my own. My wife and daughter are constantly amused by what amuses me and my sons, but its all very loving and affectionate ribbing.

Let's not forget Bugs Bunny and friends, the Pink Panther movies, etc.

All classics!
The Stooges are really a product of their age: pre-WW2 American vaudeville. Every vaudvillian had at least one stooge. A guy named Ted Healy had three. When Ted's drinking got out of control, the Horowitz brothers (thier real name) broke away and started doing their own act. Every comedian since has, in some way, imitated the Stooges, especially Curley. His youth and energy are still extrodinary to watch almost three quarters of a century later.
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