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Default Re: How to avoid becoming a workaholic?

I worked 364 days last year....looks like it will be 364 this year again. I only take Christmas off.

I'm not a workaholic, I have a wife and four kids to feed, and a modest mortgage. I make alot of money by conventional American standards (151k in 2011), but insurance and taxes eat up alot of it since I am the boss I must pay for my own medical only goes up, 875/month now, was 699 last year.

Honestly I hate working seven days a week. I hate working weekends. I know how you feel.

But I know to work my butt off in times of feast, because I know famine may strike at any moment. I have almost have two years of living expenses set aside, and after that, I am hitting my mortgage principle with every spare cent I got, and feeding my retirement accounts.

Then, when a computer finally replaces me in a few years (I work in healthcare IT), we will be OK and I can slow down while my kids are still young...our oldest is almost 5. I would like very much to take a teaching job then and get my weekends back and give the to my family.

This is my cross to bear as a man, and bear it I will, but I do look forward to being able to put it down partly.

You should take advantage of this while you can so you can establish a nest egg for your future family. Just remember a giant house with no little ones to fill it is a very sad thing indeed.