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Default Re: I want to join a secular order but...

Originally Posted by Aydan View Post
I didn't convey what I meant very well in the last post. Allow me to clarify I'm not looking for a prayer group or anything of that sort. I grew up agnostic and knowing absolutely nothing about Jesus from the first day of formation I understood that being Catholic means commitment so I do not take that responsibility lightly. I fully understand that secular orders are in very serious commitment you are making with God so I would never take it lightly. I don't know if the secular orders are right for me that is why I want to explore and discern whether or not I'm being called by God to do this. Now for some good news I knew about the monastery here but I didn't realize it was now open. It turns out that I actually know the vocations director there she has assisted me in the past with other issues when she was a staff member of our perish. So I think I will be able to get advice in my diocese now. Thank you very much for your help everyone.
Aydan, these links will give you some information about Secular Discalced Carmelites (there is a Community of O.C.D.S. in Richmond):

Regarding your lack of reliable transportation, have you contacted someone at the cathedral office to see if they have volunteers offering rides to and from Sunday Mass?

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