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Default Re: A non-religious argument against same sex marriage?

Originally Posted by hazmat View Post
it is civil rights issue; there are gay citizens who cannot marry the same people other citizens can marry. building the discrimination into the laws themselves doesnt get around that, despite what people might think. if it goes to the scotus, you will probably be surprised and disappointed by their decision.
If it does go to scotus I doubt I'll be surprised if I'm disappointed by their decision.

Citizens who identify as gay have the same choices of who to marry as everyone else. They are unsatisfied with those choices and they want marriage to include other options. If we say they are looking for the right to marry the same gender, fine, that is a way to look at it from a rights angle. But currently no one has that right in most states. This isn't about giving rights to a group that another group has. Both groups already have the same rights. We are talking about giving a new right, that of marrying the same gender, to all people.

I'll grant you that there may be discrimination built into the laws. But not all discrimination is wrong. Employers discriminate all the time on who they chose to hire. For example, a hospital will only employ someone who has completed medical school as a doctor. They discriminate against people who have not completed medical school and will not allow them to practice. This is a just and good kind of discrimination.

So, yes, I suppose the current definition of marriage has discrimination built in. It discriminates against those who want to marry someone of the same gender, or multiple people, or animals or inanimate objects, etc. Where we disagree is if that is just or unjust discrimination.
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