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Default Re: Digital "right to be forgotten" to be made EU law

Originally Posted by JimG View Post
Tenofovir has already responded to this, but I'll just add that it really is all about privacy, which seems to be disappearing.

I grew up in a world in which privacy was taken for granted. As a child, I could wander all over town with my friends, and no one no where we were or what we were doing. I could go to the library and search for any information I wanted and no one kept a record of it. The government could not come to the librarian as demand to know what I'd been looking for in the card catalog.

Now, your cell phone tracks your every move. Google tracks your every move on line and saves it. Facebook and other sites keep all our personal information, (and I'm always amazed at how much people are willing to put online, knowing that the entire world can see it and use it.)
We understand privacy differently. E.g. a photo of oneself available to the whole world might be a privacy issue for some. But it's no big deal for others.

So maybe I'm being a little paranoid. Suppose it becomes illegal to be a Catholic. It's happened in the past. The government can easily find me by finding my Catholic Answers Forums postings. They can find who my Facebook friends are.

Here's what I want from internet service providers and search engines: Don't save my personal information. Don't save my searches. Don't sell my data. I don't want to be your product.

PS: Thanks to all who have provided suggestions for maintaining privacy.
Usually, IP addresses are needed for analytics or to provide targeted services based on location. E.g If you visit from let's say Europe, you will be directed to CNN International. But I guess if you try to access it from the US, you will be directed to CNN US edition. This magic is done via the use of IP addresses.
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