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Default Re: while on vacation, the local church priest conducts daily mass in 17 minutes and Sunday Mass lasted 37!

Originally Posted by blaskoman View Post
Is there something wrong with this picture? of course I'd have to say that the Mass was valid, yet something just didnt seem right to me in terms of how quick the priest was. I was left wondering whether this priest does not hold the Mass in high esteem, that he seemed liked he had better things to do. His Sunday homily lasted 2.5 minutes!!!
In a word, no.

Some priests are faster than others. And some priests, being mindful of the needs of their parishioners, say Mass in less time.

The cathedral nearest my school has a daily Mass at 12:10 p.m., and it's ended by 12:30. This gives workers in the area time to pickup some lunch and get back their jobs.

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