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Default Re: Vocations in Montreal Anglophone Sector

SecretGarden and triumphguy,

Thanks very much for your responses! I appreciate it. And sorry I couldn't reply sooner as internet privileges are relatively limited in the novitiate.

It sounds like Montreal might indeed make some sense for me so I'm thankful for your insights and your willingness to help. I've still got some transitioning work to do but I'll continue discerning where God is calling me over the coming weeks. Will more than likely meet with the vocations director in the spring, but for now just need to take it one step at a time.

One reason I was interested in the francophone/anglophone dynamic in the archdiocese is my own family's roots in the city (Irish) and the concern of losing the future of that Catholic heritage through secularization--or at least areligious sentiment--and the complications of belonging to a linguistic minority. Having said that, I realize the church as a whole still needs priests and the Montreal archdiocese is evidently no different. Being bilingual (living where I am in the US right now hasn't put 12 years of french immersion to much good use) also may allow me to be of broader service to the community.

Thanks again.
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