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Default Re: Help me respond to a student thinking of an abortion

Originally Posted by TeachAg View Post
I hope this is the right section for this question... if not, maybe a mod could move it.

I am a high school agriculture teacher. Today I had a student in one of my shop classes confide in me that his girlfriend just told him that she thinks she is pregnant. He said that if she was, they would have an abortion. He is totally non religious so would not respond to anything from that approach. He knows I am prolife. In fact, he even said, I know you are probably prolife. Which I confirmed. I did not have to tell him.

I am wondering if anyone has any ideas on how I can reach this young man. It would have to be a secular argument to be effective. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
This site might give you something to work with as it presents secular and legal arguments that are pro-life. Depending on how far you can go with this with him, I might look up ultrasound photos to go with the various stages of development. Does the school system limit you in any way in counseling this boy - from the secular and legal standpoint, without bringing religion into the discussion?

However, I was pretty taken by the fact that this young man came to you knowing that you are pro-life. I think he wants to be convinced otherwise -- why you?

God Bless you.

Edited to add that there are also atheist pro-life sites that might give you some insight on how to approach this -- under the circumstances. This might help. There's several essays.
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