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Default Re: Why? Why must God exist? Honest, even handed questions...

A very readable and comprehensive “proof” that Jesus was/is a mythical god is found in The Jesus Mysteries by Freke and Gandy. It is available in most secular libraries.
But one can figure it out independently. Having a god for a father and a mortal woman for a mother is common in mythology. As is having a celestial event at birth. And being born in a cave. And dignitaries recognizing the birth as important. In fact, the whole of the gospels is a play about the fulfillment of myths. The human sacrifice for redemption, the scapegoat myth, the dying and reappearing after 3 days; all common myths, long before Jesus. The sun standing still at the crucifixion, the dead of Jerusalem walking around, all would have been recorded by historians.
And Herod killing all the little boys is the same myth as Moses being floated down the Nile in a basket. It didn’t happen in reality. Historians of the day absolutely would have recorded that if it was a historic fact.
I thought being a Christian was believing in the morality of the teachings of Jesus, and about trying to live life as did Jesus? One can recognize that Jesus was mythical and still do that.
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