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Default Re: Does religious liberty give license for immoral acts?

I'm glad someone else has asked this question. I started a thread called Religious Freedom Double Standard in the Social Justice forum a couple weeks ago asking, basically, the same question but only had one response. To what extent should we push for the law of the land to reflect what we hold as the moral law? Should there be a law that prohibits premarital sex or fortune telling? These things definitely are immoral from our view, but are they crimes against justice? They have no place in the life of any Christian, but could, or should, they be imposed on non-Christians? It seems to me that the government should not be the main median through which we promote social sanctification, but rather, social justice. In other words, maybe there are some things that we should not oppose with the laws of the government, although they are sinful, and then there are.those that it would be sinful not to oppose We do not tend to the good of our souls at state houses as we do in churches, but it is good that we should bring our church-tended souls to them. I'll let this go for now, I think I'm in over my head a little bit.
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