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Default Re: Long rant by a Whitney fan----PLEASE bear with me.

Originally Posted by OrdinaryMelkite View Post
I'm a Whitney fan------I grew up with her music and she is one of my favorite artists. But I just don't get it. (Again, bear with me, please----I need to get this off my chest).

I understand that she made wrong choices and in many ways threw away her talent.................but on a lot of message boards (NOT this one, so far) there seems to be this attitude of "she was a crackhead......who cares?" (BTW, she did cocaine.......not crack. Crack is ususally for lower income people. Not that it matters.)

Folks seem to think that basically she does not even DESERVE to be acknowledged for the good she DID bring to the world----and that basically the media and the public should not even spend too much time on her----since ultimately since she had somewhat of a tragic unfortunate life (her drug use) that automatically disqualifies her from getting ANY sympathy.

Basically-------"the troops getting killed overseas and what's going on in Greece are more important than her because she made the unfortunate choice of doing drugs."


1) I hate to sound like too "soft" here----but ALL of us have done something we are not proud of and have messed up up bad. I personally have messed up MASSIVELY. I have always hoped that my conversion to Christianity and my confessions and repentance are enoght for God to forgive me.
I have done massive amounts of pornogrpahy, have lied, have manipulated and done other things I am not proud of and regret now and hope that God has forgiven me. Almost EVERYONE has fallen here-----but I have gotten back up and STRUGGLE with my sins and try continually to change.

2) That's what Whitney was doing. She had left her nightmarish marriage and was trying to rebuild her career. She had quit drugs and was struggling (like ME) with going back and forwards with her addiction. She may have forgotten that she couldn't drink anymore and did drink that night---maybe that and the Xanax she was taking killed her-----we DON'T KNOW, folks------let's wait for the toxicology report---------
The point is----she admitted she had screwed up and was trying to rebuild her life with God's help-------------ALL of us have messed up----
EVEN army people. So because she was a human beings that means her God-given talent and joy she brought to people and influence to American Society should not be recognized?

3) I just feel these people who condemn her as "not being worthy of all the coverage" are basically people who have made celebrities "standard" by which we measure moral behavior in this country----unfortunately.
We make celebrities our Gods---instead of making ordinary people----our parents, our teachers, etc. our heroes----and when these same "Gods" do no live up to our "standards," we condemn them and say "Oh, forget them."

The only ones are perfect is the Holy Trinity----nobody else.

We can make other people heroes and "role models," but they are NOT perfect and even they have flaws. IF (again, IF ) you must make celebrities "THE role models," bear in mind------even they stumble and fall----and even they try to live up to other people's expectations.
Hey----even ordinary people (including our troops) ShOULD be honored----but honoring a genius and influential artist in America is NOT bad. Most geniuses (for the most part) have demons with them----remember that.

Hopefully these people who criticize her and say she is not worth mourning will have soembody mourn for THEM when they die, since NOBODY is perfect but GOD and JESUS and even THEY have sinned and made mistakes.

4) Whitney's death is not meaningful? What does the death of service members have to do with the other, anyways? We can't honor BOTH?

5) Whatever she did, whatever tragedy overtook her life----we do not know the state of her souls and we do not know where she is now. She repented of her life before she died and she may have repented at the last moment of her life.

And however she screwed up her life later in life---------------the joy and magic she brought to people's lives----and the greatness of her talent----FAR outweighs any of the negative stuff that came later. Sorry if some people can't handle that.

Yes, honor our troops. But also take the time to honor (and mourn) the tragedy of a great talent that was lost due to drug addiction----but who still managed to shine bright at the end.

Thank you for reading. I will now stop the rant. Just very outraged right now.

I other words-----SOME people are being VERY SELF-RIGHTEOUS and very OVER-JUDGEMENTAL right now.

Let he who is without sin cast the first stone.

I will pray for her and I will pray that most of us earn God's mercy at the end.
Through the prayers of the Mother Of God, have mercy on us and help us. Amen.
Should we not love and pray for the fallen even more? Didn't Christ say He came for the sick, not the healthy?
Beware the Palantir.
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